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A marathon effort to North Pole

Pitting against challenges is what keeps Anisa Al Sabri going everywhere and all over. So whether it is priming herself for the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon on January 27 or immersing herself in the final stages of her preparation for her journey to the North Pole in April this year, she never loses sight of her goals.

Led by British polar explorer Felicity Ashton, Anisa is part of a 12-member all-women Euro-Arabian expedition picked from 13 countries to the North Pole. She was selected after competing with 1,000 applicants from across the Middle East and Europe.

But at the moment Anisa has set her sights on the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon on January 27.

About her preparations for the run, she told Oman Tribune: “Oh I’ve been doing a lot of training. Actually it is all a part of a bigger plan to ensure my overall fitness and preparedness for my trip to the North Pole in April.

“It involves a lot of strength training together with a lot of running which is broken up into intermittent bursts of fast movement followed by longer spells of slow running for endurance and stamina.”

Anisa says a central part of her training regimen includes a daily routine of yoga to “stay focused and in tune with myself”.

Regarding her special dietary requirements as the marathon date approaches, she says, “The amount of calories I burn up every day during the course of my training has to be replenished so I have to eat a lot of food. But I have to take care to eat small and frequent meals to ensure that my stamina and muscle strength remain in top condition always without any increase in my body weight. Or else my speed and fleetness will be compromised.”

Ideally it is eating around five meals daily, plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables and drinking a lot of water.

Resting the body is equally important and “excess of training  can be counter-productive,” she says.

 David Solomon