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Springsteen ‘embarrassed’ to be American citizen

“Born in the USA” hitmaker Bruce Springsteen said at a concert here that he is embarrassed to be an American. The 67-year-old addressed the crowd as “embarrassed Americans” referring to US President Donald Trump in a newly-surfaced clip from his show here earlier this week, reports foxnews.com. He sang a cover of “Don’t hang up” mocking Trump’s phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“We stand before you, embarrassed Americans. This is a song from 1965 by the Orlons and we’re going to use it to send a letter back home,” he said. Springsteen also announced his band is part of the resistance against the Trump administration. This isn’t the first time the singer has taken aim at Trump. During an interview on “WTF” podcast in January, Springsteen said he doubts Trump “is simply competent enough” to be the President.