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PEIE launches training for Omani workforce

 Staff Reporter


Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) has launched a dedicated training programme for developing Omani workforce in the manufacturing sector.

The project, Azeemati, supported by Petroleum Development Oman and National Training Fund, was announced during the seminar on Wednesday as part of the Oman Manufacturing Group series of events.

The seminar focused on the role of qualified national cadres in the manufacturing sector.

PEIE chief executive Hilal Bin Hamad Al Hasani said the OMG meeting is very special due to the fact that a major step is being taken to strengthen the industrial sector, by providing a dedicated human capital development programme.

“Through the Azeemati initiative we are launching today, there is going to be focus on quality Omanisation. That is, through a structured training programme of over eight to 12 months, we will develop highly skilled and motivated industry-ready Omani workforce. It is quite a pleasant coincidence that both PDO and NTF are adopting significant strategies to develop such workforce in various sectors and we could gel with their ambitions,” he added.

The initiative comprises foundation period to provide the trainees with initial skills, for instance in English language, work ethics, health and safety and information technology.

Peie signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with PDO to fund a training programme for jobseekers registered in the Public Authority of Manpower Register. The programme will continue for 12 months in a specialised institute.

An MoU was also signed with NTF to facilitate full-time employment of trainees, following successful completion of their training programme.

It will fund the training programme, following allocation of the trainees to the companies operating in Peie industrial estates.

Peie has in place a series of measures and mechanisms to implement the programme which serves as a link between the candidates, employers and the training institute. It will monitor the trainees and ensure employment on completion of the programme.

HR consultant Allan Gardner said the goal of nationalisation is to have qualified nationals in technical, professional and labour roles.

He dwelt upon elements that shape successful nationalisation, which include encouraging private sector nationalisation efforts, promoting self-employment and offering more technical training.