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The low-down on high fashion

I am often asked how it is that so many fashion brands come to unveil similar designs for thesame season.

webIt isn’t because designers get together before making their collections and decide on what trends to follow. Nor is it the case that they automatically come up with similar styles because they tend to think and feel in the same way without realising it.

The correct answer is most likely that fashion companies design clothes based on information they buy from trend forecast and information businesses.

Having said that, it is believed to be difficult to define broad fashion trends nowadays because the market has become very diverse and subdivided. Still, there are trends worth checking out for the coming seasons. Looking back at the collections unveiled in Paris and Milan in September and October, here is a summary of the important fashion and make-up trends. Learn about the basics – and don’t fall behind the times!

• High waists suit stilettos

A surprising number of fashion labels showcased takes on the high-waisted look. Laid-back, oversised outfits have been popular for several seasons, and the latest style emphasising the waistline appears novel.

Coordinate this trend with stilettos for a highly professional look. The heels might be impractical, but they should be pleasing to the eyes of men.

•Show your face

The hairstyles on the runways didn’t cover the faces of the models, and often revealed their ears, too. Hair was parted in the middle, at the side, or combed straight back for a sharp look.

Don’t hesitate to reveal your ears and forehead in spring and summer. If you have any doubts, overcome them by wearing some bold earrings for emphasis.

•Eyebrows rule

Straight eyebrows are becoming a new make-up trend, replacing the soft, curved style that was the mainstream until last year, for a determined look.

• Bare your shoulders

Off-the-shoulder clothes have been distinctly popular since last spring. One-shoulder dresses and other asymmetrical styles are likely to be fashionable in spring and summer.

The one-shoulder style amounts to less exposure than off-the-shoulder outfits, and could be popular among not only ingenues but also women in their 30s and 40s.

•Pink sweeps

White was everywhere last spring, but pink is likely to replace it this year. Soft and feminine pink, including for lipstick, is likely to be one of the most important colors for the coming seasons.

Sky blue might also be popular in spring and summer. The cashmere Ralph Lauren jacket and dress that US first lady Melania Trump wore to the presidential inauguration ceremony is still fresh in our minds.

•Nothing but pineapple!

Many collections were imbued with pineapple prints and pineapple motif jewellery. I don’t think the designers were mesmerised by Pikotaro, the bespectacled comedian in leopard print who sings “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” (PPAP), but a surprising number of them went with pineapples.

Other tropical motifs, such as bananas, palm trees and coconuts, were also popular.

These outfits and jewellery will be perfect for creating a resort vibe in your free time.

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