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Masirah ready to host first beach tent-pegging event


The details of the First International Tent Pegging (ITPF) Competition to be held in the Wilayat of Masirah from March 10 to 12 were unveiled on Sunday.

Mohammed Bin Eisa Al Fairouz, Chairman of the Muscat-based ITPF, said the Sultanate is ready to host this important international sport event, which is held in the Sultanate for the first time.

Al Fairouz said the top seven teams at the second tent pegging competition held in Egypt have been selected for participation in the third edition of the competition. These teams are from the Sultanate of Oman, Iraq, Sudan, South Africa, Yemen, Jordan and the UAE. The Egypt and India teams are excused. The beach competition law, which has been approved of the technical committee, will be applied.

Three medals will be allocated for this competition compared to the eight medals in the previous competition.

The competition is held using loaned horses, therefore horses will be supplied by the Royal Cavalry, the Sultan of Oman Armors Cavalry and the Royal Guard of Oman cavalry.