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Soiled wealth

The high level of safety and security that prevails in the Sultanate is a direct result of effective laws and efficient law enforcement. The preventive and corrective arms of law have been extremely vigilant, making the nation an oasis of calm in spite of trouble in some parts of the region. The peace manifest in the Sultanate is not only the result of better law and order management by the Royal Oman Police. It is also the result of the success of the authorities in curbing all types of criminal activities. From the earliest days the Sultanate has been highly effective in insulating its borders from nefarious designs. The government has been ruthless in tackling terror and it has resulted in a major peace dividend that has been noticeable within and outside national borders. Dirty money is the evil twin of international terror and one cannot be tackled without curtailing the other. That is why the government has been particularly stern in tackling money laundering. The authorities have been extremely effective on this front. The government has kept all institutions of the Sultanate keyed into the strategies to curb dirty money. Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry financial expert Dr Abdusalam F Yahia points to the need for constant evaluation of the nation’s preparedness to prevent the contamination of the nation’s financial system. Banks are in the forefront of the fight against money laundering they need to be constantly subjected to stress test. Yahia analysed the efforts taken by the Sultanate over the past few decades to fight money laundering, including the relevant international conventions. Certain conditions that prevail in the region do make it vulnerable to a proliferation of black economy, unless the governments are vigilant.

Of course the higher level of awareness in the community has been a major factor in the nation’s achievements in better law and order. ROP is aware of this key trust factor and has built the trust of the nation. Its crime prevention attempts must be appreciated because of the large-scale involvement of citizens and other residents. This has helped cement a unique relationship between the police and the policed. When it comes to law enforcement, ROP has been extremely strict. ROP’s Directorate of Civil Defense has created a niche for itself in people’s hearts because of the prompt and efficient involvement of its personnel in rescue operations and handling of emergency situations. The ever-vigilant security forces have helped keep terrorism out of the nation. The Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces have been a calming and robust presence in enhancing security in the whole region. The three wings of the armed forces have been exceptional in protecting the nation’s borders, their men and machines working as one to ensure the nation’s security. In fact the exploits of the armed forces extend far beyond the borders of the nation. Our brave soldiers have served in several international missions to meet the nation’s obligations as an esteemed member of the comity of nations. As a modern nation state, which has set exceptionally high standards of state craft and international relations, the Sultanate has shown the way for the entire region to handle conflicts and tension.