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Financial planning workshop held


Youth Vision held a personal financial planning workshop for Sas VR and SawaNabni students recently.

The national initiative, supported by BP Oman, Baisa programme, aims to enable young nationals across the nation to organise their finances resourcefully to optimise their outcomes and secure a better financial future.

The workshop provided training in money management, financial literacy, planning and investments, instilling critical financial knowledge.

“BP Oman forms strategic partnership with partners who bring added value in addressing real world problems and enrich the community,” Shamsa Ahmed Al Rawahi, BP Oman Social Investment Programme Officer.

“BP Oman social investment programme builds on its partners’ experience and give them the chance to network and add value to each other by organising such joint activities and exploring areas of common interest and mutual benefit,” she added.

The ‘Baisa’ Programme delivers a combination of theoretical and practical learning methodologies that cover various financial topics including savings, investments and management of personal resources.

It provides tools and resources necessary to cultivate the capability of young Omanis to make sound financial decisions.

A total of 48 participants attended the workshop, 24 from SAS VR and 24 from SawaNabni, leading to a grand total of 530 ‘Baisa’ programme participants at 14 events held in Muscat, Nizwa, Ibr, Al Buraimiand Musandam.

“So far we have provided 14 workshops in different regions around the Sultanate to more than 530 participants and we look forward to benefit more,” said Sami Awlad Thani, Media Specialist at Youth Vision.

Al Khattab Saif Al Rawahi, one of the participants, said, “Baisa Programme delivers notable, practical activities that include careful analysis of the participants’ personalities and their roles in realising control over income.”

SawaNabni (Together we build) is a team of volunteers established in 2014 under the legal umbrella of the Association of Dar Al Atta.

Youth Vision and Sas VR, a regional centre that provides the infrastructure needed for developing virtual reality applications, target different age groups through specialised programmes and community partnerships.

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