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Efforts on to stop road flooding


Muscat Municipality, represented by the Directorate-General of Muscat Municipality in Bawsher, is continuing its relentless efforts to address the runoff water in Al Saffa Street, North Ghubrah.

The municipality clarified that the water flowing through the wadi was fresh underground water. The municipality sprayed the accumulated water with pesticides, preventing it from gathering in places, especially near housing areas, by creating a stream of water to speed up its flow towards the sea.

Mohammed Bin Saif Al Hinai, Director of the Department of Health Affairs at the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality, said the water was being extracted during construction in the area. He added that due to the absence of any waterway except this wadi, the Muscat Municipality had directed the companies implementing construction projects to discharge groundwater extracted during the construction process into this wadi as it was the closest one to the building sites.

The municipality had also directed contractors to get the necessary environmental permits for discharging water and extending the pipeline to link between the project and the wadi.

“We cannot predict the time or deadline for the completion of the pumping of ground water due to the continued construction activity in the area,” he said.

Al Hinai said that there were proposals to extend the water pipeline till it reached close to the sea, in addition to expanding the current stream of water to prevent water blocking the road.

Mustafa Al Qasim