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Griffin to move to Hungary


The former head of the far-right British National Party has said he is moving to Hungary to live under anti-immigration Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a “refugee” from western Europe.

“There is already a sort of nationalist emigre community building up here. There’s French, there’s Italians, there’s Swedes and Brits as well,” Nick Griffin told a Hungarian website.

“So it’s only a trickle at present but I have no doubt at all that when the trouble really begins with Al Qaeda and Daish in western Europe, that trickle is going to become a flood,” the 58-year-old told 444.hu.

“And I hope that Hungary, the Hungarian government, the Hungarian people, will welcome people who are genuine refugees from western Europe but keep out the liberals who have brought western Europe to this state in the first place.”

Orban sees immigration as a “poison” endangering Europe’s Christian culture and values. In February he offered refuge to anyone in western Europe looking to “find the Europe they have lost in their homelands”.

Griffin was in Budapest for a “Stop Operation Soros!” conference aimed at halting the pro-refugee activities of Open Society Foundation.

“I am very, very pleased that Hungary is taking a leading role in confronting the Soros problem,” Griffin said.

Agence France-Presse