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Move to script tourism success with folk tales

 Staff Reporter


The Ministry of Tourism organised a workshop on ‘Innovative Ideas to Serve the Tourism Sector’.

It was held in cooperation with the Research Council at the Ministry of Tourism as part of a research project to collect Omani legends and folk tales associated with tourism sites.

The project, first-of-its-kind in Oman, is to collect as many legends and folk tales as possible from both Al Batinah North and Al Sharqiyah North Governorates.

The aim is to use the cultural aspects as attraction sources to the tourism sites and to preserve the Omani heritage. The project will involve the rest of governorates in future.

The research relies mainly on the folk tales found from available audio, and video sources, and interviewing citizens.

Researchers, students of tourism department in colleges and universities, and entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the project.

The workshop had offered the participants a platform to bring effective strategies to market and promote these stories as well as exploring creative commercial ideas.

The workshop included several activities such as a summary presentation on the project, detailed presentation of some legends and folk tales, some related audio recordings and photos, and a presentation of the researcher’s experiences in sites.

The project will collect, codify and classify these stories, and record what narrators tell about the tourism places and will play a major role to enhance the cultural aspects of tourism.