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Minor tweaks in IT needed

 Jeta Pillai


Oman’s IT sector would blossom with the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ as the country had developed a lot of capability, Minister of Higher Education Her Excellency Dr Rawiyah Bint Saud Al Busaidiyah told Oman Tribune.

“I think we have a lot of capability in the IT sector. Not so much in robotics, obviously as it is still part of research in universities. But in IT we are uniquely positioned because we have a high number of graduates from abroad on external scholarships and inside the country and also we have the numbers, the critical mass to make a difference. But as I said we need to focus on the minor specialisations within the IT sector. That will have an impact, creating a win-win situation for our graduates,” she said.

The country already had partnerships with the private sector to enable participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, she said, but “there was a need to increase focus and intensity to make things happen and that also involves lot of mindset changes and lectures like the one Prof Costas Chryssou

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