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Eid shopping in full flow

 David Solomon


With barely a few days left for Eid, the shopping momentum has been picking up as the ebb and flow of shoppers has increased noticeably.

All shopping venues, including malls and supermarkets are crowded with mostly women and families, out to buy clothes, jewellery, perfumes and assortment of food items. But many look for discounts which are galore across malls.

While supermarkets and malls do give their customers a feeling of posh exclusivity, ambience and an air-conditioned environment, on a special occasion like Eid, a lot of Omani families prefer the familiar and traditional experience of the Muttrah Souq.

Here people are able to find everything they want all under one roof. The bargaining tug of wars that ensue between shoppers and shopkeepers adds to the fun.

Clothes, shoes, jewellery and perfumes are priority items on everyone’s list. Accordingly, shopkeepers, who have a finger on the people’s pulse, have stocked up commodities in abundance.

Idris Kamal, an expatriate from Mumbai, who has a shop selling cosmetic jewellery, purses, perfumes and readymade garments, says: “My goods are always in high demand and business at this time is especially good. Of course, women always like to bargain. We don’t mind that at all.”

Iqbal Qayum from Pakistan and working as a salesperson in a shoes shop says business has started getting brisk. “In the next two three days matters will become quite hectic. Then I won’t be able to talk to you like this”.

Mohammed Al Balushi, a resident of Sidab, is out shopping along with his wife and their four children.

He says “I find it most convenient to come to the Muttrah Souq. I can’t think of going anywhere else.”

The other high-priority items are frankincense, perfumes, dates, spices, d dry fruits and Omani halwa.