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Gang behind Thai family massacre arrested


Thai police on Sunday said they have arrested all those who took part in the brutal mass slaying of a family in the country’s south earlier this week, a massacre that caused widespread revulsion.

Detectives say a gang of seven men wearing camouflage outfits entered a village chief’s house in the southern province of Krabi on Monday, casually executing him and seven other members of his family, including three children, with single shots to the head.

Three others were shot but survived, including a woman who played dead after the bullet passed through her ear and was able to give vital clues.

“There were seven people at the crime scene,” national police chief Chaktip Chaijinda said on Sunday saying all had now been apprehended and confessed to involvement.

He said investigators believed the killing was sparked by a land dispute between the village chief and a local business figure, nicknamed ‘Bang Fad’, who was also apprehended.

Chaktip said Bang Fad was involved in the murder, adding the other members of the gang had been hired for just $30 and likely did not know that a massacre was about to take place.