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State Council panel discusses social security system

 Staff Reporter


The Social Committee of the State Council on Monday discussed its study on the development of the social security system in the Sultanate.

The meeting headed by Dr Hamad Bin Sulaiman Al Salmi, the Head of the Committee, was held in the presence of the members of the Committee and the staff of the General Secretariat of the Council and officials of the General Authority for Craft Industries.

The committee reviewed the support provided by the craft industries authority to the families of social security, and its contribution to the earning of these families, and discussed the level of coordination to provide financial support required for the projects.

The Committee discussed the number of families benefiting from the services of the committee and the extent of the benefit.

It also reviewed the challenges facing the projects agreed upon and the existing projects, which serve the social security groups, as well as reviewed the proposals that could contribute to enhance the role of the General Authority for Craft Industries in support of this category.

The panel ratified the minutes of its previous meeting and reviewed the implementation of the resolutions.