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63,640 land plots allotted for housing in 2016


The number of planned land plots allotted in 2016 had reached 63,640, showing an increase of 29 per cent over 2015, according to data released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

In 2015, the number of planned land plots stood at 49,520.

About 36,811 land plots were granted, showing a drop by 14 per cent than in 2015 with 42,837 plots.

The number of plots registered for the first time amounted to 55,140.

The Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah received the largest share of the planned land plots in 2016 reaching 12,296 compared to the other governorates.

The Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah came in second place with 11,736 plots, followed by the Governorate of Al Dhahirah with 10,318 plots, Governorate of North Al Batinah with 9,341 plots, followed by the Governorate of Muscat with 6,004 plots.

GCC citizens bought 107,000 properties in 2016. Kuwait citizens ranked first by 43 per cent with 481 properties, followed by UAE nationals by 38 per cent with 425 properties, Saudi nationals by 6 per cent with 62 properties, Bahraini nationals by 8 per cent with 84 properties followed by Qatari nationals by 5 per cent with 55 properties. The number of families benefiting from housing assistance and the related amounts reached 115 and were given 2,778,879 rials.

The number of housing loans provided by Oman Housing Bank in 2016 were 642,000 and was worth 70,084,900 rials, while the loans provided by the Ministry of Defence were 3,384 amounting to 45,658,629 rials.

The Petroleum Development Oman provided 621 housung loans and amounted to 44,110,248 rials.

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