Home News Oman Snag forces Bengaluru jet to return to Muscat

Snag forces Bengaluru jet to return to Muscat


An Oman Air flight to Bengaluru developed some glitch on takeoff and soon returned to its home base. The airline in a statement said Boeing 737-800 flight WY 283 from Muscat to Bengaluru developed a glitch but the well-trained crew brought it back without any discomfort to the passengers who were taken to their destination later.

The flight took off from Muscat at 10.25am with 154 passengers, three infants and six crew members. The passengers and crew disembarked smoothly. All passengers were accommodated on an alternative flight which took off at 3pm.

Oman Air’s priority is to safeguard the well-being of all its customers and staff, and it is proud of its unblemished safety record. Oman Air provides extensive training for its crew on how to manage problems when they arise, and ensure passenger safety, the statement added. It also worked closely with all the airport authorities throughout its network.

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