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Smart switch

The Sultanate’s switch to smart power metering marks another milestone in the nation’s progress in adopting better technologies. The smart power meters, initially available to high value customers who use more than 150 mWh per year, brings the convenience of real-time monitoring of electricity use to the consumers. They account for a significant 40 per cent of the total power consumed in the Sultanate. The project to move on to automated power metering was initiated by Nama Group, which operates in electricity generation and transmission, through distribution companies as required by the Authority for Electricity Regulation. The objective of the project is to create a higher level of interconnectivity, engagement and sustainability. The new devices will enhance billing efficiency and precision, benefiting both the supply company and the consumer and will ultimately help promote better consumption patterns. It is good to see that the switch to smart meters reflects Nama Group’s push to provide high quality customer services, as Mansoor Al Hinai, group vice president, distribution and supply, said. “The project is an example of utilising the technology which will enhance the quality and speed of meter reading.” Moreover, he says, the consumers will be “clearer about their consumption pattern which will help them optimise and manage it effectively, especially during peak loads”. The government’s well-thought-out policy of inducting technologies that help optimise the use of national resources must be appreciated.

It must be appreciated that the government has been focused on bringing the latest in technologies that help enhance people’s quality of life. The visionary approach of the Sultanate’s leaders to the issue that matter for the people in general is the reason why the nation has been in the forefront of adopting the latest in technologies. The nation’s consistent induction of the information communication technologies has been particularly appreciated all over the region because of the advances made possible in delivering services to the citizens and residents alike. The government knows that the adoption of appropriate technology helps enhance efficiencies. The pioneering spirit of the Sultanate’s leadership is evident from its decision to introduce advanced concepts like telework, albeit only in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the time being. Increased government efficiencies will have a direct impact on better utilisation of the resource. This is because there is nothing like a situation where there are excess resources. Even a resource that is considered vast could become depleted over time if not used optimally. This is especially true for natural resources that cannot be replenished by any stretch of imagination. It is in fact the wisdom of choosing what matters most for the people and nation’s future has set apart the Sultanate’s leadership from others in the region. The nation has set an exceptional path towards progress keeping its culture and values at the centre. What’s even more exceptional is that the Sultanate’s youth are tech savvy and technology is the future of the nation. This indicates the stupendous success that the nation’s science and technology educational programmes have been achieving over time. A youth well-versed in latest technologies will thrive in a future where technology is the most important currency of development