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For Ghubra residents, every day a ‘rainy day’

Anyone passing through this area may think there is perennial rain, say people, pointing to the flooded road.

Eight months is too long a time to suffer. It has never been like this, said a number of people around the
Al Safa Street.

Babu Chandran who lives in a nearby locality says: “Almost six to eight months have gone by and there seem to be no signs of any immediate change taking place. The whole area has started to stink. People try to avoid taking this road. It is in a prime area and is causing much inconvenience.”

People are skirting the road which affects business too, said another person who insisted on anonymity. The traffic, the water, the unhealthy conditions, all make this place a dark spot, he said.

Fear lurks that prolonged inundation could lead to breeding of mosquitoes and spread of diseases. They feel that it’s time for the authorities to step in and ensure that the pipes were laid and water is allowed to flow out smoothly.


 Haji Mohammed Salim

Haji Mohammed Salim

‘My biz getting washed away’

The water has taken away business around the area. Haji Mohammed Salim who has been running a building materials shop in the vicinity says that over the last eight months since the water has been flowing across the road, there has been a roughly 25 per cent drop in business.

“Even some of my regular customers do not make it to my shop these days. Because they have to pass through the water that even stinks, they found new shops instead. It is high time the authorities did something as these waters can breed mosquitoes and the stench around can be very harmful,” he told Oman Tribune.

For Abu Backer who runs a tea stall next to this, the situation has been even worse. “There are very few who come to my shop. Besides those who come in vehicles, I had a regular stream of customers who just walked into my shop during an evening stroll. The water around has caused around 50 per cent drop in sales. As days pass, this could even go further down,” he says.

This is what most of the other shopkeepers in the vicinity voice.