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Rare op saves eye as rod removed from teen skull

 Staff Reporter


Surgeons of the craniofacial unit at Khoula Hospital did a rare feat, successfully removing a metal stake from the skull of a 14-year-old boy.

A team of plastic surgeons succeeded ater a two hour operation, making it the first of its kind surgery in the Sutlanate, according to the Ministry of Health.

“The surgery is the first in the Sultanate considering the type and degree of injury. The stake went through the skull cavity that contains the eye and positioned only a few millimeters from significant arteries of the head,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to hospital authorities, the whole surgical procedure took two hours and involved `turning the metal stake loose from any fusions and extracting it under close supervision of the surgical team’, according to the ministry statement.

Regarding the accident, the hospital said the boy was playing in a ground near his house when he was injured and the stake pierced through the skull.

After the successful surgery, the boy was in hospital for four days after which he was discharged. Hospital sources added that the boy was discharged four days later and his health condition was fine. His eyesight too was normal as the metal stake had been close to the eye cavity in the skull.