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Doosan wins Europe gas pipeline project


Doosan Infracore successfully won a contract to supply 52 excavators for Europe’s largest gas pipeline project, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which will be used in the construction of the 360km Greek section.

The pipeline will start at the Greek-Turkish border and continue across Northern Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea before ‘coming ashore’ at Lecce in southern Italy.

It is being built to supply natural gas from the Caspian Sea directly to major European countries such as Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland and Austria. Some of the world’s leading energy companies are participating in this mega project as major shareholders and investors. Over the next five years they will invest $5.5 billion in the project, which will employ around 1,500 to 2,000 construction workers per day on average.

Doosan’s excavators have been chosen to carry out the pipe-laying work of the onshore section of the pipeline (diameter 1.2m) due to their outstanding durability among other qualities. The fifty-two excavators range in size from 30 (mid-size) to 55 tons (large-size), these include ten DX300LC-5, twenty DX340LC-5, ten DX380LC-5, and twelve DX530LC-5 models that are being used in the project. The excavators will also be used to remove trees, grade surfaces, and transport pipes before digging the trenches, for which they are equipped with hydraulic breakers or buckets. Additionally they are also equipped with padding machines that can use compact sub-soils in order to backfill the trenches with fine grain material free of large rocks that could damage the gas line.

A company official from Doosan EMEA, said, “It is an important contract that has reaffirmed the support competence of the company’s global network of dealers, who do everything they can to guarantee the quality of Doosan construction equipment and offer a top-of-the-line customer service to their customers. He went on to say, “The acquisition of the contract is the result of the concerted efforts of many people who joined forces to complete all the complicated preparation work within a relatively short period of time between June and November 2016.”

He added, “Compared to other manufacturers’ 60-70 ton excavators, the DX530LC-5 can work on 16 pipes with a 360-degree rotating versatility, while its excellent fuel efficiency has deeply impressed the operators.”

An officer of the project client, said, “We selected Doosan after carefully analyzing the bidders’ technical competences and after sales packages.” He went on to say, “In addition to its outstanding mileage, Doosan’s DX530LC-5 has a wide undercarriage that enables it to carryout optimal lifting work.” Meanwhile, one of the excavator operators said, “This is my first experience using a Doosan excavator. I’ve operated it for about 600 hours on this project so far. It is really easy to maneuver, and the cabin is very comfortable.”

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