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Optic fibre reach doubles

 Staff Reporter


The number of fibre optic cable reach in the Sultanate has doubled in the past 12 months to touch 155,000 homes and buildings. The network is considered critical for spurring entrepreneurship, attracting investment and GDP growth.

Abdulmonem Al Futaisi, Chief Operating Officer of Awasr, said on Monday that currently 155,000 homes and buildings had fibre connection and could be served by the broadband internet service provider.

Oman Broadband Company is laying the fibre and in September 2016, its optic fibre connections had stood at 70,000.

Al Futaisi said that in 2018 Awasr had plans to expand services into new areas of Muscat such as Al Khuwair and Al Amerat, and also in Salalah and Sohar.

After it began services in March 2016, Awasr offered services in places such as Al Khoud, Al Hail and Al Mawaleh, but since April this year, new areas such as Al Ghubra, Azaibah, Ruwi, Al Hamriya, Wattiyah, Wadi Adai, Qurum and Madinat Al Alam have been added to their network.

Al Futaisi who was speaking on the sidelines of the SAP Forum Oman, received an award from Ookla for Awasr having provided the fastest fixed internet broadbrand service in the country.

He said demand for data was growing and even though the country had just passed through a low oil price environment, their business was expanding.

He said the cost of broadband internet in the country was competitive when compared to that in the region.