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Technology crucial to safety at workplace


The Oman Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Conference was held under the patronage of Minister of Civil Service HE Sheikh Khalid Bin Omar Al Marhoon in Muscat on Tuesday.

Al Marhoon said the conference highlights the importance of vocational safety as well as the importance of providing a safe environment at all work sites.

He commended the efforts for the sake of developing this field through modern technology.

Eng. Hamoud Bin Salim Al Sunaidi, CEO of Oman Society of Engineers, said the importance of this conference lay in limiting the mistakes in work sites and enhancing vocational safety.

The event had experts from Oman and abroad as speakers, sponsors and exhibitors showcasing technology, research, products and knowhow for a safer and profitable business environment.

This conference was a strategic initiative and a part of Oman National Development Agenda event to review and enhance workplace safety, security, and work together to enhance operating safety standards in the Sultanate.

Eng. Samara Salah, Director of Training at Samara Training Services, said the event received support and participation from major government organisations that have a stake in the workplace safety improvement programme of Oman National Development Agenda.

The event also had participation from leading oil and gas, construction, infrastructure and health sector and from companies with large-scale employment.

Samara Training Services is a professional in consultancy and training services on workplace safety discipline with major clients in government and corporate sector.

Sadiq Ahmed Khan, Managing Director of Tafani Events and Research, mentioned that the central idea of the event is to draw focus on workplace safety in organisations.

The event had over 150 delegates, and 14 expert papers were presented.

Tafani Events and Research is an Omani International company that only works on events powered by research, which has a direct impact on National Development Agenda.

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