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Planned solar project to be bigger than 200MW

 Staff Reporter


The Sultanate’s large-scale solar power project that could be located in either Ibri, Manah or Adam would be much bigger than the original plan of 200MW, said Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWPC) CEO Eng. Yaqoob Al Kiyumi on Tuesday.

Al Kiyumi said they were working on the qualification process for a big solar project and hopefully by the end of the year they would issue request for quotations, while study for a coal plant of about 1,800MW capacity were nearly complete.

He said the solar project would be bigger than 200MW, possibly a few hundred megawatts and located either in Ibri, Manah or Adam and a final decision was yet to be made. It will be a photo voltaic cell project and they were “working on the details of the project and it could be split into different locations and more than one project”.

The proposed coal plant is under study, said Al Kiyumi, adding that Duqm could be a possible location and it is expected to have a capacity of around 1,800MW. It would be built in phases and by taking into consideration the demand for power, he added.

At this time, studies pertaining to the location and environmental aspects of the coal plant were almost complete and hopefully the complete set of studies would be soon submitted to the government, he added.

The technology chosen would take into consideration environmental and economic aspects, and advances in technology had made it possible to locate coal plants in cities, said Al Kiyumi.

An independent 17.6 million imperial gallons per day desalination project in Sharqiyah will be awarded in October, he added.