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Operations start partially: Sohar Aluminium

 Staff Reporter


Sohar Aluminium on Wednesday said it had restarted production gradually on Friday after an interruption caused by an incident in August.

“Sohar Aluminium has confirmed it has re-energised the potline, and on Friday September 15 gradually began re-starting the pots and the production of aluminium,” Said
Al Masoudi, chief executive officer, said in a

“The company is still working closely with a team of industry experts to progressively return to full production levels as early as possible,” the statement added.

As hosts of the 21st edition of the Arab International Aluminium Conference (ARABAL), Sohar Aluminium will take the conference delegates on an exclusive site visit to its plant and facilities, to showcase its production capabilities in the most transparent way, the company said.

On August 4, an incident occurred at the Sohar Aluminium plant which interrupted normal operations and resulted in no injuries recorded.

The company had put together a team of industry experts to assess how quickly metal production can be restarted and a return to full production levels be restored as early as possible.

The $2.4 billion Sohar Aluminium joint venture is 20 per cent owned by Alcan, the Canadian aluminium-producing unit of Australia-based Rio Tinto. Oman Oil Co and Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA) each hold 40 per cent.

Sohar is among at least four main aluminium producers in the Gulf Arab region.

Sohar also operates an on-site anode plant and a casthouse that uses both ingot and sow casting methods.

The firm’s smelter was the first ever to implement Rio Tinto Alcan’s energy-efficient benchmark AP36 smelting technology.