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Rare skull tumour removed

 Staff Reporter


Doctors at Al Nahdha Hospital recently removed a rare tumour from the base of the skull of a young male patient after he had complained of severe pain in the face.

The young man had come to the hospital two weeks ago complaining of severe pain in the face that went on and off, Dr Salma Al Sheibani, first consultant for ear, nose and throat surgery, at the hospital told Oman Tribune, on Sunday.

When doctors examined the CT scan, things were not clear enough, but in the MRI scan the tumour was clearly delineated and arising from the trigeminal nerve at the base of the skull.

The trigeminal nerve is responsible for facial sensations and functions like biting and chewing.

Sheibani said the surgical team decided to perform a small incision surgery using endoscope to remove the tumour piecemeal. “We used endoscopic- transmandibular resection of skull base tumour arising from trigeminal nerve at foramen oval,” she said.

It was located in an area which was obstructed by the patient’s skeleton. Surgeons made a two centimetre incision in the front of the neck to perform the procedure.

She said the patient was successfully operated on Thursday and was recuperating. The patient can be discharged on Monday, she added.

The team included Dr Ahmed Al Hashmi, Dr Mohammed Rashid, Dr Kamla,  Dr Faisal Al Kalbani, Dr Noor Al Saadi, Dr Fatma Al Yarubi, Dr Humood Al Musalhi and Dr Abdulla Al Bakri.