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Voice your views on transport

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A national comprehensive survey as part of readying a national urban development strategy is set to begin on Sunday. This public participatory exercise is aimed at developing the framework targeting 2040 and will be supervised by the Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning.

The transport survey covering all governorates is expected to design and develop tools to have in place an integrated transport model.

The survey will be an important tool for planning and decision-making. It will be a three-month programme involving the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Royal Oman Police.

The programme includes a series of field surveys. Commuters will be interviewed at various bus, airport, seaports and borders crossings on the basis of a well-prepared questionnaire. Besides there would questions posed to people at their homes, businesses or while commuting.

The wide-ranging survey will also look at behavioural patterns and consider preferences, opinions and demands of passengers. As part of the public transport survey, taxi services would also be considered.

Data from the survey will be used to identify and project transport requirements help make strategic decisions on where to build new transport infrastructure and where to encourage new forms of public transport.

It is expected to address issues concerning managing current and future challenges such as a growing population and economy, road safety issues, dominance of the road sector and the need for wider travel options. It will look at enhancing networks and create stronger connectivity between Governorates and principal urban areas. It will also be used to define approaches to reducing the impact of transport on the environment.

Out to ensure the success of the survey involving large participation, the authorities have simple questions which will detailed yet simple questions. The surveyors have been asked to approach maximum number of people and it should provide the right information for large-scale planning for all-round development and sustainability.